Why should you sell Silver Bells Blue™ Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir?
Many follow tree care instructions well, unfortunately, some people do not. When a tree dries and looses its needles prematurely, even though it was improperly cared for, it often becomes the
retailer’s problem. Silver Bells’ Christmas trees address many potential problems.
foilage With Silver Bells trees, your customers get:


  • KEEPABILITY - After growing fourteen different varieties of Christmas trees over the past 30 plus years, Silver Bells selected Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir because they have the best shelf life, are consumer friendly and beautiful.
  • CONVENIENCE - Messy trees keep return customers away. Every Silver Bells tree is individually shaken to remove any loose needles (a natural result of yearly growth). Tree butts are trimmed, making them easy to put in a stand. Consumer friendly tree width makes them easier to transport and set up. Each tree is individually wrapped (string baled) into a compact, easy to handle package.
  • QUALITY - All Christmas trees are not created equal. At Silver Bells, we consider growing Christmas trees an art. From shearing shape to bud structure and pest control, quality is our goal. With over thirty years experience, we have a reputation as one of the best producers in the business.
  • ENVIORNMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - Silver Bells Tree Farm is certified by the American Tree Farm System. This certification ensures that our tree farm uses approved, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Silver Bells wants customers to feel good about buying an environmentally friendly product.
A beautiful, clean, fresh tree will ensure that your customers leave your store with a smile and a warm Christmas feeling.