Sales Agreement - The following "General Terms" together with "Schedule A" and our order confirmation constitute the entirety of the agreement.

Implied Acceptance Policy - Both parties to the agreement agree to accept the following as proof of the others acceptance of the terms agreed to: "General Terms", "Schedule A" and "Order Confirmation".

If you are interested in purchasing trees from Silver Bells please download the forms below.
1. Please review our General Terms if you would like to establish credit with Silver Bells please fill out the credit application.
2. Fill out the Schedule A and mail, email, or fax it to us.
The Schedule A can be downloaded in one of two ways, to be filled out on your computer(Excel) or to be filled out by hand(PDF).
  If you would like Silver Bells to deliver your load please be sure to include shipping costs on your "Schedule A". In order to do this you will need to know the mileage from our farm to your retail location. You can access a milage_calculation and entering our zip code(97381), your zip code and clicking calculate.
  For questions please contact: Charlie Grogan (503) 873-2036

Thank You for your interest in purchasing Christmas trees from Silver Bells.