- Our Economy Grade Noble Fir are grown from the same seed as Silver Bells Blue™ they are either too layered (lighter in density) or have a minor flaw that is not up to our high standards for a #1 grade Silver Bells Blue™ tree.

- These trees are NOT the left overs from our fields they are quality trees at a price comparable to Douglas Fir. Our selective grading often results in many Economy Grades that meet up to USDA #1 grade standards.

- You can now use Noble Fir as your price point tree! Keepability, Convienince and beauty make these trees a great alternative to Douglas or Grand Fir.

- We can mix Economy Grade with Silver Bells Blue™ for the finest field run Noble Fir on the market.

Below is a photo gallery of Economy Grade Noble Fir. The play button in the center will start the slide show, the second button from the right will enlarge the photo gallery.